Friday, April 3, 2009

88 Shadow Palette

I finally took the pluge and ordered this.

I know I'm so late to the bandwagon it's not even funny. I must be the last person on earth ordering one. With the new camera on the way though, I have a lot planned. Vibrant looks, ones just for fun that I wouldn't necessarily wear out of the house.


  1. ur not the last one ordering this.I AM lol

    i havent even posted my order but i will some of these dayz :P

  2. nah i just ordered mine this morning lol.... i cant wait till it gets here though .... im going to be doing vids left and right lol

  3. what brand did you buy???
    Ive seen so many differernt ones & am unsure as to who I should buy from...

  4. No, you're not the last person! lol!

    I haven't ordered it yet! XD

  5. ooo i'm def going to buy one of these. They look really good and aren't expensive. Thanks for the tutorials xxx